Message from Andrew

This is Sperry Tents Southeast

A Message from Andrew

Hi everyone! My name is Andrew McCoy, not only did I propose to my fiance under a Sperry Tent ( see above), I am the proud owner of Sperry Tents Southeast. 

Sperry Tents is a family-owned company through and through. It began with Steve Sperry, a talented sailmaker in 1979, heading to a party and decided to try his hand at making a party tent. He had everything he needed on hand: sailcloth, sewing machines, grommets, nautical line. He even crafted the wooden support poles at his own personal sawmill, where he also milled the lumber to build his house. 

Fast-forward to 1996, when Steve’s sons, Tim and Matt Sperry, returned from circumnavigating the globe on a 41-foot sailboat with three other friends. Tim joined his father’s company and established Sperry Tents as a separate rental entity, while Matt stayed on the Sperry Sails side, working on sails, tents, and directing and enhancing the family’s signature fabric designs. 

In 2014 I started in the event industry working for Tim and Matt Sperry, out of the Mystic, Connecticut branch. I was introduced to Sperry Tents during my final year at the University of Rhode Island, from two complete strangers, Ryan and Warren Gross, who were renting an apartment from my parents at the time. I saw the passion and hard work that they were putting in week after week creating final products that amazed me. The craftsmanship, elegance and natural glow the Sperry Tents brought, got me hooked. At that point, I decided I wanted to join the family-owned company. 

Ryan, Warren and I worked together for three years dreaming of one day opening up our own branches of Sperry Tents. We started our journey with Sperry Tents working as crew members hand sanding and staining the beautiful wood poles, coming from Steve Sperry’s sawmill, assembling tents in the sun, rain and cold wind, loving every minute of it. We worked our way up the ranks; Ryan and Warren moved on to open the very successful Sperry Tents Colorado and I was to follow suit. 

In 2018 I called my fiance, Hannah, and told her my plan to open Sperry Tents Southeast. We pack up our small apartment, got our dog Dodger in the car and we drove to South Carolina to start the rest of our lives. I knew my fiance thought I was crazy when I asked her to move her whole life while she was in the middle of obtaining her doctorate in physical therapy, but she did not hesitate to jump on board. Much like the original Sperry Tents, we focus on family values. Hannah and I, sat down and had many conversations on how we want to run the business and one thing we always agreed on was making customers feel a part of our family. Sperry Tents are a part of big life moments, such as weddings and graduations, just to name a few, and being a part of the clients big day start to finish,  makes it all worth it.

Today, Sperry Tents Southeast is situated in beautiful Hilton Head Island, SC servicing South Carolina, Georgia, north Florida, and surrounding states. I am ready to dive in head first to provide beautiful sailcloth tents, arches and custom fabric structures for venues, party planners and other individuals looking to plan outdoor tented events. 

Looking forward to connecting with y’all and learning more about how we can create your dream event.