Sperry Tents in the Wind

Wind Days

Wind happens, we are here to ensure that it won’t ruin your day, or your hair if your under one of our tents

Sperry Tents in the Wind 

While a light breeze creates the ideal southern summer environment, a strong gust of wind can cause an end to any party if you don’t have the right tent. At Sperry our tents are built to withstand any gust of wind that threatens to ruin your gathering. Made by sailmakers, who specialize in designing high performing sails for sailboats, our craftsmen are very accustomed to creating a product that can sustain high winds.

Our tents withstand stronger winds than you more than likely will ever come in contact with. Couple that with excellent design, quality and the extra security of our professional install team high winds seem nothing but a breeze.

Similarly to protecting guest against rainfall, our sides are the ideal way to ensure the comfort of your guests throughout the night. Say you have a strong breeze coming from the north and only want to close that section of the tent with sides, no problem, our sides come in 10ft sections giving you the ability to leave any section open or close. 

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