Sperry Tents in the Rain

Rainy Day Events

Is it planning to rain the day of your big day or event? Have no fear, there’s a sperry tent for that.

Sperry Tents in the Rain

Our tents may be made of a lightweight dacron sailcloth canvas, but they are fully waterproof. Protecting you and your guests from a wide range of nasty weather. As your resident tent specialist we know that rain does not always fall straight down and add a small amount of wind and your guests around the perimeter will be at risk for a slightly less enjoyable time. Don’t worry though we have you covered.

Our tent sidewalls make the perfect barrier from slanted rain. Our standard side walls are mostly see-through with a 20-inch skirt of ivory sailcloth along the bottom for a added touch of elegance. Our see-through siding preserves views of the surrounding landscape even if you opt for a fully sided tent to avoid any potential weather mishaps. Sides are standard on rental equipment lists and we highly suggest not removing. Sides are easily installed and are generally rolled up, leaving the tent open for its occupants to enjoy the landscape until that sudden burst of rain warrants their use. Sides can be dropped in a matter of minutes to prevent any major disruptions. 

If rain protection is your utmost importance than we recommend looking into a full floor option, flooring options found here. While siding will protect you and your guests from rain fall, it can not stop the ground from soaking up all the water. This creates the potential for a soft and muddy dance floor. Full floors, although a high budget item, eliminate all worries of rain-induced discomfort for you and your guests. 

The last word: Planning for the ever undesirable rain is always essential, no one wants to envision bad weather on a wedding day, however, a gloomy forecast is much more manageable and much less worrisome if contingency plans have been arranged in advance. We offer rain plans for rain-only rental equipment that can be reserved with a lesser deposit and canceled before the scheduled set up day if the weather report looks promising. Typical rain items include ceremony tents, cocktail tents (so that guests don’t end up gathering in the reception tent too early), covered walkways to connect tents (for guests and catering staff), and flooring for soggy lawn areas.

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