Sperry Tents in the Heat

Southern Summer Heat

Perfectly sunny summer weather calls for a little planning to ensure guests don’t become overheated

Sperry Tents in the Heat 

While it is everyone’s dream that their wedding day is sunny and uninterrupted, here in the south we know all too well that beautiful summer sunshine can make for some slightly uncomfortable situations. Without any clouds or shady spots guests might have a difficult time beating the heat and having the best time possible. Here at Sperry Tents, we have the solution for you.

Adding a Sperry Tent to your wedding or industry event provides the perfect break from the sun, therefore more comfortable and happy guests. Not to get overly technical but, our tents are made of a polyester fiber, Dacron. Darcon is a woven sailcloth, that allows our tents to be extremely lightweight, visually appealing and translucent. Light is still able to pass through our sail cloth allowing you to maintain a bright and airy atmosphere while still providing a layer of protection against UV’s and dulling any “difficult to see” brightness.

The fabric we use truly makes our product different than any other tent on the market, your guests will thank you.  Keep in mind that a Sperry Tent is the only genuine sailcloth tent (versus similar-looking “sailcloth” like canopies that are made from vinyl). If you aren’t local to the south please click here to find a Sperry Tent provider near you!

Fans are also always an option on a breeze-less hot summers day. We offer a few fan options, fans can be monitored by the on site crew and easily adjusted to guests liking.

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