Tent Talk with Kelli Corn, one of our Favorite Wedding Planners

Do you have a pre wedding routine you do in the morning to get ready before working a clients wedding? – I create a checklist, almost like a packing list with all the random stuff and as we are loading and packing we double check that list. No special breakfast or anything.

How many weddings have you done? – I’ve probably done close to 500 weddings, and yes, I still get those butterflies from the anxiety and the anticipation of the weddings!

When did you know you wanted to be a wedding planner?– Later in my career. I went to school and received a business degree in marketing. I toughed it out for a little while with a job in the dotcom industry before the crash. I kept checking the paper for job postings and saw a catering job at a small hotel. My parents were always entertaining and we had dinner parties growing up so I knew how to entertain and enjoyed it. I had zero experience, but I landed the job and that is actually where I did my first wedding! I then moved on to work at Club corp which is where I really grew into private events.

Motto? Fake it to you make it, but be willing to put in the work to figure it out.

What would you do if you weren’t a wedding planner? – I have no idea. It’s what you eat breath and sleep you know. If I could do anything I would have plantation just full of rescue dogs.

– Me too Kelli!!

What are some other events you have planned besides weddings? – I would say I am most proud of a bar mitzvah I did a few years back. The level of expectation was so high, I had done alot of weddings of that caliber but having to live up to the standard of a grandiose New York bar mitzvahs was a bit unnerving. But we did it and it was a fantastic success. I’m just really happy to look back on it and to know I pulled it off with all my favorite vendors. We all had an equal part to play in the event.

Do you have a favorite wedding moment from any of the events you’ve planned? – Yes, it was the most memorable speech, it was at a wedding for a gay couple before gay marriage was legal. This was several years ago, unprecedented times, and the father of one of the grooms did a speech that was so raw and truthful, the love in the room was just amazing. He was so honest in how he didn’t know how to feel, or think in the beginning and then it just turned to this joyous feeling to know his son was happy.

Top tip for having a successful backyard wedding? – I think it’s always important to create a budget. It just sets a guideline of what the expectation will be. Then it’s prioritizing what’s the most important thing to you. The guest list or dinning experience or the fact that you want to dance all night, and then let that determine what type of celebration you have. Say you want this over the top experience, something people are never going to forget, have 30 people, then do a incredible tablscape and a four course meal with your 10k budget. And if you want all 100 of your guests, have a bbq in the backyard and enjoy everyone’s company.

To have a successful wedding no matter where it’s located, the goal is creating a sense of place and make a moment, you can have a great wedding no matter what the budget.

I always say for a wedding to be successful it is really about creating the space that allows you to be in the moment

KelLi Corn

Creative COVID wedding solutions? – I hate covid, joking of course but the biggest thing I’ve probably done covid related has really been more in the invitation area. Alot of weddings I’ve done, we’ve worked on creating original verbiage for uninvited lists when tapering down a wedding. In main wedding invitations we’ve added a Covid card as part of the invitation that lists out all of the precautions we are taking, like hand sanitizing stations, mandatory mask wearing etc. We usually have a little sentence at the end where we elegantly say, we understand that there is risk with traveling and we are ok if you cant come. The most important thing I’ve found is to not make people feel like they are obligated to come.

I hear you have a flower shop, what is one of your favorite floral designs/color themes you’ve done for one of your events? I like when weddings use colors, 90% want white and green so its nice to be able to change it up. I have an all fuchsia wedding coming up, I’m pretty excited about that one!

Any new wedding floral arrangement trends you’ve been seeing lately?– Blue and white seem to be coming back on trend lately. I’ve been using hydrangeas, blue delphinium, and thistle for the blue in those arrangements.

Best piece of advice for Brides to be? – Hire a planner. It takes alot of the stress out. But in all seriousness follow the simple rules of creating a budget and prioritizing what is important, it will cut out alot of stress so you can just enjoy your day.

If your not able to hire a planner full time then at least hire a day planner to look over photographer contracts to ensure you have them for enough hours, catering contract, etc as we are used to looking at these things. This way, day of you are able to enjoy and you’re not stressing if flowers are right or where your wedding party is!

How can potential clients get in contact with you?

Email info@kellicorn.com

Phone: 843.368.2029

Website: http://kellicorn.com/

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