Why Backyard Weddings are Still a Trend in 2021

We would be neglectful not to point out the obvious that many weddings last year had to be postponed, cancelled, or rearranged to smaller more intimate gatherings. With all the uncertainties involved with every aspect of the wedding planning process, backyard weddings were a top trend in 2020 and my goodness have we seen some absolute stunners. We have a good feeling backyard weddings will be a potential mainstay in the industry for years to come.

In this new world we live in venues have turned away parties that are too big or completely closed their doors altogether. Fortunately a Sperry Tent can take the place of the venue that was supposed to host a beautiful indoor event, rehearsal dinner, or wedding you were planning. If space and indoor air quality is a concern of yours and your guests, rest assured you can rent one of our large tents to all allow for ample social distancing space and provide sanction from the elements We can even include fans to make everyone feel more comfortable.

Besides the timely covid reasons, a tent is a great addition to any backyard wedding for a number of reasons. Every wedding planner’s number one reason why having a tent or a covered outdoor structure of sorts is a necessity, good ol’ Mother Nature.

You have to have a plan B if your creating your dream outdoor wedding. While there are alot of things you can control, seating arrangements, flower choices, family members you do or don’t want at your wedding ( hah sometimes), but the weather is something out of your hands. There are plenty of tent options depending on how you plan on using them, small tents for more intimate gatherings and larger tents if your looking to invite a number of guests for a socially distanced gathering. Should rain be in the forecast we have siding that will come down and prevent guests from wind gusts full of rain.

Tents can also add a little charisma and charm to any party when used more as a decor element. One of our smaller round tents makes for a cute backdrop in wedding photos when dressed up with flowers, lights, flooring and of course all the smiling faces of loved ones. Below is our 16ft round that was used to highlight one of the best parts of any party, the desserts!

Tents can make a statement at any backyard wedding, especially when accessorized properly, take The Arch for instance. The eye is draw directly to who or what is underneath! Your Instagram followers may even have no idea that your wedding was in your backyard with such a statement piece. The Sperry Tent Arch brings style, sophistication, and a grand entry way to all the events it attends. Add to your event package here.

At Sperry Tents we love our fur babies, you may even see them occasionally pop up on our insta feed. We can’t resist. If you love your fur babies as much as we do we understand that you may want to include them in your celebration. Unfortunately not all venues all dogs, but guess where does allow dogs… your backyard! Just another reason why backyard weddings are a very viable option when searching for your perfect venue.

Which ever venue you decide we will be here to help make your special day truly just that. If you like the idea of having a backyard wedding but yours isn’t quiet big enough, take a tour of Flyway Point ( website coming soon). Flyway Point is located in South Carolina on a cozy pond. The owners Kristin and Dan Hansen, have a beautiful piece of property perfect for hosting you and your loved ones.

Happy Planning!

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