What Size Tent Do I Need


This is a question we get a lot, and while we wish there was a definite answer, it really just depends. There’s many resources citing rules for square feet per guest for cocktails or seated dinners, but events are increasingly customized so this approach only helps to give you a very basic idea of required space. Do your guests like to dance? Then you’ll need a larger dance floor (i.e. more space). Will there be lounges or any other special features that take up space inside the tent? How much space between tables does your caterer require to serve effectively? Is there anything at the tent location that would constrict the tent size? The list of factors goes on, which is why we always recommend working with an experienced event planner. However, if you decide to go it on your own, a professional tent company is your best resource. We provide our clients with customized scaled drawings for every event, so rather than calculating your tent size from some obscure metric, you can be sure it works exactly how you pictured. Check out some layouts we’ve provided for past clients.

Sample Layout 1

Sample Layout 2

Sample Layout 3