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Lighted Tent Event by Lake | Sperry Tents Southeast

Sailcloth Tents

As the region’s sole provider of authentic Sperry Sailcloth Tents, we are proud to maintain the largest inventory of sailcloth tents in the country. Sperry Tents are the original sailcloth tents, and the only tents in the world that are painstakingly hand-crafted by master sail makers. Fully waterproof and highly wind-resistant, Sperry Tents are in a class of their own.

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Clear Top Tent for Events | Sperry Tents Southeast

Vinyl, Cleartop & Clearspan Structure Tents

We stock a vast array of frame and structure tents, both standard and custom. We are also capable of designing custom tents and fabric structures for more challenging projects.

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Lighting for Tent Event Rentals | Sperry Tents Southeast

Professional Lighting

Lighting is an essential component in transforming event space and dictating mood. Our experienced lighting professionals understand this concept, and utilize our ever-growing inventory of lighting elements to help our clients achieve an ambiance that enhances their vision.

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Quality Flooring

Flooring is a great way to provide an extra level of comfort for your guests and enhance any tented space. We carry many styles of flooring, from hardwood to clear acrylic flooring, to virtually any style of carpeting. We also maintain one of the largest inventories of leveled flooring in the South, and our professional staff is highly trained in flooring and tenting locations with severe grade variations.

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