Deep Reflection…

Hand crafted in a New England sail loft, Sperry Sailcloth Tents are ideal for water front weddings.

Can you spot the pennant flags?
Kiawah Wedding

It’s a little easier at night…
Sailcloth Wedding Tent

Here’s a helpful hint when planning your tented waterfront wedding, make sure there’s no wind. It’s makes for a nice mirror-like reflection, so we get good photos.
Sailcloth Wedding Tent

We like to take our own tent photos, but every once in a while the pros get it right. Here’ a nice waterfront shot from Carmen Ash Photography.
Sailcloth Wedding Tent

This shot from Hilton Head was taken the day after a tropical depression blew through the harbor. Luckily the client opted to work with a professional tent company, so when they showed up on the big day it was nothing but clear skies and a nice dry Sperry Sailcloth Tent.
Sailcloth Wedding Tent

Travelling anywhere our clients require, we’ve worked at some of the most idyllic waterfront venues in the country. Feel free to contact us for a recommendation or a customized proposal for your waterfront wedding or event.